DISQUE SSD HP S650 2.5" SATA 3 480GB


Technologie 2.5"-Format SSD

Modèle S650

Lire (jusqu'à) 560 Mo/s

Écrire (jusqu'à) 490 Mo/s


Forme de montage 6,35 cm (2,5")

146,500 TND
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HP SSD S650 2,5" SSD is designed to upgrade the storage space of mainstream brand desktop and laptop pc. Equipped with high performance master control, it gives you the thrill of booting in seconds, with data reading speed up to 560 MB/s, about 5 times faster than traditional mechanical drives, with higher performance and more powerful multitasking capabilities. Up to 1920 GB expandable capacity, very cost effective, to meet the user´s business & entertainment needs.

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480Go SSD

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DISQUE SSD HP S650 2.5"...

146,500 TND